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Deciphering Alabama's Voter Fraud Laws

1555669-ThinkstockPhotos-492602156.jpgElection season brings up many questions about voter fraud. What exactly qualifies as voter fraud? In what way is it illegal in Alabama? What punishments could you face in the state if you were to commit such a crime?The state takes many steps to combat voter fraud. For example, Alabama voters are required to show some form of identification at polls as of 2014. Voters may use a driver's license, non-driver ID, passport, military ID, student ID, or another option. Of course, there are many instances in which voter fraud is not preventable. Even presenting an ID at the entrance to the poll does not necessary curb fraud.You may have been accused of voter fraud and brought up on charges because you submitted somebody else's mail-in ballot, made a fraudulent vote, or coerced somebody to vote in a specific way. Thankfully, you have options for defending yourself against these charges, so long as you act quickly.Continue reading to learn more about voter fraud in Alabama as well as the best way to defend yourself against the charges.Understanding Crimes of Voter Fraud

Several types of voter fraud exist in Alabama. Depending on the severity of the offense, the charges you face will be based on the same level of severity. For example, changing somebody else's ballot to reflect a different vote is considered more serious than trying bribe or otherwise unethically influence someone else's vote.Most crimes related to voter fraud are misdemeanor offenses rather than felonies. Class A misdemeanors are the most serious, with B and C misdemeanors falling closely behind. Your attorney will do their best to ensure you face the lowest charges possible.Changing votes, ballots, or results of any election in Alabama is a Class A misdemeanor. If convicted of this crime, you could face a fine up to $6,000. This conviction also comes with a potential imprisonment of one year.Providing false information in order to register to vote or when actually voting is considered a Class A misdemeanor too. For example, you could face this charge if you declared you were a United States citizen and eligible to vote, only for the government to later realize you were not a citizen at all.Attempting to influence a vote, which may include bribery, is a Class C misdemeanor. This crime comes with a fine up to $500 and a potential imprisonment of three months.For any of these crimes, the judge could choose to add another fine up to double the amount of the defendant's gain or the victim's losses because of the offense. While voter fraud is relatively rare throughout the nation, each state does its best to ensure that those who commit fraud face charges appropriate to the crime they are charged with.Defending Against Allegations of Voter Fraud Even though voter fraud charges may only amount to a misdemeanor, offenders should still consider it a serious offense as they can still face significant penalties if convicted of this crime.For the best defense, those charged with voter fraud should work with a knowledgeable attorney who understands the local regulations and consequences.One defense against voter fraud is declaring you were mistaken about your status as an American citizen. For instance, you might have come to the United States as a small child without realizing you were not legally able to vote.You can also argue that you did not knowingly alter another person's documents; you may have accidentally thought a mail-in ballot was your own, not a family member's.Are you concerned about voter fraud allegations? You need a strong criminal defense attorney. Contact Simms & Associates today to learn more about your legal options. 

Can You Face DUI Charges From an Accident You Didn't Cause?

1549363-822095452.jpgIf you had a few drinks at a party, got in your car to drive home, and another driver ran a red light and T-boned you, what happens next? The laws can be complex when it comes to issues like these. While you may not have been at fault for the accident (and your intoxication didn't cause the accident), you have technically still broken the law by driving under the influence.If you have been in an accident you did not cause after drinking alcohol, pay close attention to these tips. They could help you achieve the best outcome.

7 Facts About Juvenile Arrests

1542387-94913543.jpgAlabama law enforcement arrests minors every day. Officers may arrest minors for crimes ranging from shoplifting to first-degree homicide. Alabama courts determine how to charge minors for crimes the state accuses them of committing.If your child was recently arrested or may be charged for a crime as an adult, you need to read on.

Defense Strategies When You Are Accused of Selling Drugs

1531834-ThinkstockPhotos-103580841.jpgIf you are found in possession of an illicit substance, you can be charged with possession with an intent to distribute, which can lead to serious criminal and legal penalties. The penalties can depend on the quantity of illicit drugs in your possession and the type of drugs in your possession.For example, possessing less than 2.2 pounds of marijuana can lead to a misdemeanor and a $6,000 fine, while possessing more than 2.2 pounds of marijuana can lead to a class C felony, a $15,000 fine, and up to ten years in jail.If you are accused of selling drugs, you should know what strategies and options you have to defend yourself.

What to Do If a Police Officer Harasses You

1520375-ThinkstockPhotos-464411576.jpgThe job of the police service is to serve and protect the community, including you. But police officers are not above human flaws and can make mistakes or have poor judgement. Even if you have committed a crime or have been lawfully pulled over, a cop never has the right to harass you.Police brutality and misconduct are not new issues. If you follow the news, you see many reports of abuse of power among the police force, with victims claiming racial, sexual, verbal, physical, and other types of abuse at the hands of a cop.Do you suspect a cop has recently harassed you? Discover what harassment is and how you can seek justice for your pain.What is Police Harassment?Harassment in general is any form of intimidation or pressure and can include name-calling, physical touch (pushing, shoving, etc), threats, and outright violence. In the police world, harassment is referred to as police misconduct, and it is illegal. Example of misconduct include:

Understanding Alabama's Felony DUI Laws

1507087-Law.jpgIn the grand scheme of things, Alabama's felony DUI laws are relatively new. Some forms of DUI were introduced as a felony in 1994, though the law has continued to take shape since then.Driving under the influence, more commonly known as a DUI, is a serious concern. Not only are legal consequences established for DUI, but being convicted could also lead to personal and professional effects. For instance, having a felony on your record could mean that you do not land a job for which you applied.When you are facing a DUI, you need to have a solid grasp of the consequences that could be awaiting you. Understanding Alabama's felony laws and consequences will help you see why hiring a strong criminal defense lawyer is crucial.

What Are Alabama's Domestic Violence Laws?

1487359-GettyImages-595142724.jpgIf you are being charged with domestic violence in Alabama or know somebody who is, it is always beneficial to understand local laws and regulations. When you have a solid grasp of the law, you know what you are up against. Domestic violence is a serious issue that Alabama never takes lightly.The victims of domestic violence are typically children, household members, former household members or domestic partners, and a domestic violence incident may involve step-parents and step-children, co-parents or a similar type of partnership.

Understanding Alabama's Assault Charges and Punishments

1435928-GettyImages-157641328.jpgWhile every state has its own definitions and punishments for assault, the need to understand the law increases significantly when you are facing charges. If you find yourself in a position where you are fighting to avoid jail or prison time in addition to steep fines, you are sure to have many questions.In every state, assault is a criminal charge that may carry jail time. What differs from state to state is how assaults are categorized and what types of punishments are generally assigned for each type of assault. This guide will help you learn how the state of Alabama categorizes and doles out punishments for the different types of assault.

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