What are possible defenses to a domestic violence charge?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2020 | Domestic Violence Charges |

You’ve been charged with a domestic violence charge. What comes next?

Well, first you need to determine what possible defenses you may have to the charges against you. In general, several different defenses are possible, including:

1. You didn’t do it

People sometimes lie about incidents of domestic violence. For example, maybe your spouse or partner injured themselves in an angry attempt to get you into trouble. Maybe they lied because they read online that you could be forced out of the marital home while your charges are pending, or they’re trying to get the upper hand in a custody battle. Purposefully false allegations do happen, but inconsistencies in your accuser’s story may show your innocence.

2. You didn’t intend to do it

Accidents also happen. If you were gesturing with your arms and you accidentally struck your partner or spouse, that’s still an accident. If you turned a corner while you were angrily leaving and knocked into your spouse by mistake and your spouse fell, that’s not a true act of domestic violence because you lacked any intent to cause fear or harm.

3. You were defending yourself

It’s common for both parties in a domestic incident to walk away battered and bloody. If you injured your spouse or another household member while trying to protect yourself or your child (or anyone else unable to defend themselves), your defensive injuries and other evidence can show what really happened.

Always remember: Being charged with domestic violence isn’t the same as being convicted of the charge. Find out how an experienced Alabama attorney can help protect your future.