How to control your anger (so it doesn’t control you)

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We’re living in some fairly stressful times, so it’s important to learn methods to manage your anger and stress. You never want to get into a bad situation and explode in front of your spouse and children.

Here are some tips to keep your temper under control before your temper takes control of you, courtesy of the Mayo Clinic:

1. Pause before you react.

Anger tends to feed on anger. Before you say anything you might regret, take a deep breath and find a way to rephrase what you’re about to say so that you’re not purposefully (or accidentally) feeding a cycle of frustration.

2. Take a break to calm down.

If you aren’t sure if you can control your temper, get away from the situation for a bit. Get some exercise or engage in a hobby that helps you reduce your stress. If need be, shut the door to your garage, workroom or study and tune everyone out until you’re calmer.

3. Focus on solutions, not problems.

Instead of ranting about the mess in your kitchen or the laundry that isn’t done, focus on what you want to see happen. Look for solutions to the problems that are frustrating you instead of just being angry at the situation.

4. Look for help with anger management.

Your doctor may be able to identify and treat an underlying condition, like anxiety, that’s aggravating your stress. You may also want to look into counseling services that seeks to help you get to the root of your anger and find effective management strategies.

Don’t let a domestic violence charge destroy your life. It’s far better to find coping solutions than to give way to your temper and get involved in a criminal incident.