Two men arrested near school face marijuana-related drug charges

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2020 | Drug Charges |

Although many states are relaxing the laws related to marijuana, Alabama has yet to rein in its restrictions. People who are in possession or accused of selling marijuana in any form or paraphernalia related to it can find themselves facing various charges. Depending on the circumstances, there may be extensive penalties if there is a conviction. These can be made worse if the allegations are near a school. Despite that, people dealing with marijuana-relates charges must be aware of how to craft a viable defense.

A drug arrest was made near a school. Two men are facing charges for having vape cartridges and marijuana candies. The men, 30 and 24, were placed under arrest after police executed a search warrant of a residence as a shipment of these items were delivered. The value of the illegal items law enforcement found was nearly $16,400. Law enforcement asserts that the men were going to sell the marijuana-related products to students. Police state they were aided by residents and are taking a zero-tolerance position against these behaviors. The men face multiple charges for drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia and more.

People are generally under the impression that marijuana is not that serious. Even in states like Alabama where there are still arrests and convictions related to its possession and sale, there could be a belief that it is not a major problem if they are charged. That is a mistake. People who are arrested for marijuana may deal with various challenges even if they have a limited amount for their own use. If the charges are linked to its sale, this can be a major negative in a person’s life. When school children are said to be the targets for sale of the drugs and the drugs are found near a school, there could be enhanced penalties.

Despite the severity of these allegations, these two men should be cognizant of their rights. Avoiding the harshest consequences is key. There may have been issues with the police investigation and the search. There could be avenues to reduce the charges and reach a plea agreement. Or it might even be possible to get an acquittal. Before saying or doing anything to make the situation worse, these men should think about their rights and their future. Consulting with those experienced in criminal defense and drug charges may help with dealing with the case.