More than 40 indicted in alleged opioid drug ring

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While many drug arrests involve individual defendants, law enforcement officials are always looking to break up drug trafficking networks. Sometimes they indict many people at a time in large-scale busts of alleged drug rings. Some of the people involved may face serious charges, and others may face relatively minor charges. In some cases, the people who face these lower-level charges may be in serious legal jeopardy simply by being associated with crimes allegedly committed by other people in the network.

Police find alleged drug ring when investigating alleged prostitution

Recently, at least 42 people were indicted in Alabama in connection with what authorities said was a drug ring that was responsible for multiple opioid overdose deaths. According to news reports, law enforcement officials first learned about the alleged operation when they received a complaint of prostitution and human trafficking.

While investigating alleged prostitution and human trafficking, police said they learned of the drug organization. They said the group had been operating for many years, selling methamphetamine, heroin and various prescription opioids. The FBI, DEA, ATF and other federal, state and local enforcement agencies were involved in the investigation, according to news reports.

Overdose deaths

In a somewhat unusual move, prosecutors tied the alleged drug ring to individual drug overdose deaths. This could mean that some of the dozens of defendants involved could face homicide charges. In an atmosphere where the public is deeply concerned about a community problem with opioid addiction and overdoses, this element of the charges is sure to increase the profile of the prosecutions.

Everyone who is accused of a crime deserves a defense. Protecting your rights can be harder when your case is caught up in a larger case, especially one involving homicide and serious drug trafficking charges. It is crucial that anyone accused of taking part in a large alleged crime network seek out help from an experienced attorney.