Motorcyclists face greater risks in accidents

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Motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to be killed in crashes than vehicle motorists and passengers. Survivors frequently suffer catastrophic injuries. Motorcycle accident victims or their families may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent or reckless vehicle driver.

Vehicle errors

A federal study in 2018 concluded that 64 percent of accidents involving motorcycles were caused by other motorist errors. The National Transportation Safety Board had similar findings that year.

The two most common errors involved a vehicle turning left in front of a motorcycle and a motorcycle swerving off a road while trying to avoid crashing into another vehicle. The NTSB concluded that 33 percent of motorcycle accidents involved other vehicles turning into the biker’s path.

Other usual causes included sideswipe accidents where a passing vehicle strikes a motorcycle, vehicles in the opposite direction turning in front of a motorcycle, other motorcyclists make U-turns, or three point turns in front of a motorcycle and vehicles rear-ending a motorcycle.

Many of these situations, according to the NTSB, were avoidable if car and truck drivers could better detect motorcycles crossing a road, turning, or switching lanes. Most existing crash-avoidance systems are often unable to detect motorcycles when a vehicle is turning left or changing lanes. This places more responsibility on the motorcyclist.


Given the virtual lack of protection, injuries may be fatal, catastrophic, and costly. Common injuries include blunt trauma to the chest and abdomen, brain injuries, paralysis and spinal injuries, traumatic limb amputations, broken bones, burns and road rash.

Financial damages can be excessive because injuries may prevent many accident victims from working. Pain and suffering and the damage or loss the motorcycle could also increase claims.

An attorney can help you seek compensation and damages. Lawyers may also assure that your rights are protected in negotiations and hearings.