Driver negligence and child pedestrian victims

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This Birmingham personal injury blog has discussed the dangerous problem of pedestrian accidents and in around the city. A pedestrian accident between a person and vehicle often has devastating results for the victim. Catastrophic injuries like spinal cord damage and traumatic brain injuries can leave victims with life-long complications and suffering.

A subset of pedestrian accident victims – children – are particularly prone to injury when involved in vehicle accidents. This post will discuss the problem of driver negligence and how it can cause child pedestrian collisions. No part of this post is offered as legal advice and all auto accident injury victims can seek the support and guidance of personal injury attorneys.

The problem of child-involved pedestrian accidents

Anyone on foot can become a victim in an auto-pedestrian accident, but young children are particularly prone to victimization in these tragic events. Children under 9 who are able to walk on their own are often harmed in collisions with cars because they are difficult for drivers to see and may make erratic decisions about entering roadways in traffic.

Because of their small sizes and unpredictable natures, children can be easily missed on and near roadways by distracted drivers. When drivers operate in areas where children may be present, such as near schools and parks, their duty of care is elevated to ensure the safety of youths. Drivers must act reasonably and with care to ensure that the avoid tragic incidents with children.

Steps to take after a pedestrian accident involving a child

The safety and health of a child victim in a pedestrian accident is critical. Medical attention should be sought by all parties who are harmed in pedestrian crashes, and even those who do not believe that they have been hurt should consider medical evaluations to rule out possible harm. Once a victim is on the road to recovery, they may wish to evaluate their legal options to seek compensation for their losses with advice from personal injury attorneys. Parents and guardians can help their children and advocate for their needs with dangerous and negligent drivers cause devastating harm.