Drug charges frequently stem from citizens’ tips

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Authorities in another part of Alabama arrested a man on multiple drug charges after searching his home.

The police said that they obtained a search warrant before uncovering different types of drugs at the man’s home. The man now faces multiple felony charges involving different drugs, including heroin and methamphetamine. Some of the allegations including trafficking charges.

While the police said that their investigation started with an unspecified tip to law enforcement that the man was selling drugs out of his home. It was not clear what other information the police obtained before securing a search warrant.

The man faces years in prison if convicted on the charges

This man could wind up spending years or even decades of his life in prison if he is convicted of these charges. For example, trafficking in heroin, which is one of the charges, carries with it a mandatory prison sentence of 10 years at a minimum.

The judge hearing the case could elect to impose a longer sentence and assess fines.

The man may have defenses available to him

Before making any decisions about what to do, anyone facing serious charges should strongly consider her legal options.

There are frequently defenses available to a person accused of drug crimes. Police must perform each step of their investigation lawfully. Should they fail to do so, then any evidence they obtained may be barred from the courtroom.

In this respect, there are rules police must follow when choosing to rely on a tip, particularly when a tip is anonymous.

Moreover, even if there is some merit to the case against the man, he may be able to argue for a reduced charge.