Alabama bicycle collision results in one fatality

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While many residents in Alabama get to and from their destinations by personal vehicle, some opt to utilize a personal bike or bike share to get places. With the weather being optimal, now is a great time for individuals to get fresh air and exercise by traveling by cycle. Although this is an effective way to get around, it comes with some risks. Oftentimes, cyclists need to share the road with motor vehicles, and when bike lanes are not present, it can be challenging to share the same space. Additionally, if motorists are not attentive to the possible presence of bicyclists, it is very possible to collide with a cyclist traveling next to or in front of the vehicle.

Cyclist collision

A fatal bike accident recent occurred in Huntsville, and based on reports, a cyclist was struck by a motor vehicle. Preliminary reports suggest that the bicyclist was attempting to cross University Drive near Julia Street when a vehicle collided with the cyclist. The crash happened around 4:40 p.m. and it is not clear if there were any traffic signals or stops signs in the area of the crash site.

Emergency crews arrived at the scene of the accident, and the cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. Details about the injuries or the area of the accident were not reported at the time. I tis not clear how fast the vehicle was going, which way it was traveling or if the motorist was charged.

Wrongful death action

A fatal collision, like a bike accident, could result in damages suffered by surviving loved ones. The loved ones of the deceased could file a wrongful death claim, especially if they believe that a party is fault, such as a negligent driver. This action requires details concerning the crash, such as whether the driver was distracted, speeding or failed to signal a turn. Thus, investigating the matter further could help assess the cause and liability of the incident.

Bicycle accident are often traumatic, as they will frequently result in catastrophic injuries or even deaths. Thus, victims and the loved ones of deceased victims should understand their rights when it comes to taking action for the injuries and losses related to the accident. A personal injury action or wrongful death claim could help address the damages suffered as a result of an accident caused by a negligent or reckless driver.