Local woman dies in Pinson car accident

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We are blessed with relatively traffic free roadways, except during rush hours and after car accidents. But, even though, our roads are less congested than other major cities, it does not mean our roads are any safer. Indeed, a recent fatal accident that killed one local woman and sent multiple children to the hospital is a grim reminder of this fact.

Car accident details

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the local woman was making a left turn on to Highway 79. This is when she was struck by a Dodge Challenger. The driver of the Dodge fled the scene, leaving the local woman’s three children in the car. Two additional accidents occurred because vehicles were trying to avoid this accident scene.

After the car crash

The local woman was likely killed on impact or soon after, according to first responders. The woman’s three children where then taken to a nearby hospital, but their injuries have not been released. Though, there is no reports that they have life-threatening injuries. From the two other accidents, two people received medical treatment from first responders, but were not taken to the hospital. The police have not released the name of the person that fled the scene or indicated whether that person has been arrested. However, JCSO is asking anyone with information to contact them directly, immediately.

Catastrophic injuries common

Of course, car accidents are usually fender benders, but catastrophic injuries are also common in Birmingham, Alabama, and throughout the U.S. Though, this should not be that surprising when thinking about tons of steel smashing into each other with human occupants inside. And, while these catastrophic injuries can change accident victims’ lives forever, a personal injury lawsuit can help them through the recovery process.