Police looking for two suspects in “well-planned” pharmacy burglary

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Most burglaries of small businesses in rural Alabama appear to be the result of a last minute decision to commit a crime. Very few of these burglaries appear to have been carefully planned, but the recent burglary of a pharmacy in Abbeville appears to provide a rare exception.

The burglary

The Abbeville police chief described the events that led him to conclude that the burglary was “well-planned.” First, the suspects parked their vehicle some distance from the drug store and chose a parking spot that was not included in many surveillance cameras. According to the store’s surveillance tapes, the thieves wasted no time in locating the drugs that they were looking for. Both suspects were dressed in dark clothing and sweatshirts with hoods that obscured their faces making identification difficult. According to the chief, once the two suspects had their hands on the drugs they were seeking, they headed straight for the exit. Police believe that the two men left Abbeville in a dark SUV.

The Abbeville Police Department is still searching for the two suspects. The Police Chief said that the nature of the robbery prevents the police department from disclosing the kind and amount of drugs that are believed to have been stolen, although the police chief observed that “a lot of the things that were taken were controlled drugs,” once again affirming the chief’s belief that the robbery was well planned because the suspects appeared to know exactly where the controlled drugs were displayed.

The aftermath

The Abbeville Police Department has reached out to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration in Birmingham for assistance. If the suspects are apprehended, they will face significant penalties if they are convicted. Anyone facing charges involving controlled substances may wish to consult with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. An experienced lawyer can provide a useful analysis of the evidence, suggest potential defense strategies, and, when appropriate, attempt to negotiate an acceptable plea agreement with the prosecutor.