Singer dies in horrific conveyor belt accident

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When we see people on TV, reality or otherwise, we often forget that these people may not actually be rich. Indeed, just being famous does not mean that one is rich. As a result, reality-tv stars often hold “normal,” every day jobs. This was the case for the singer, Thomas Wells, who was made famous for his multiple spots on “America’s Got Talent,” “The Voice” and “X-Factor,” who recently lost his life on the job.

The reality star

Mr. Wells was made famous by his folksy charm and vocal prowess. He was also skilled with multiple musical instruments that he trained himself on to play as a child, by himself, which all made him a fan favorite on multiple reality-tv singing competitions.

The fatal accident

According to reports and his obituary, published Nov. 26, the fan-favorite singer was working at an Oklahoma tire factory. Somehow, he was pulled onto an automatic conveyer belt, suffering severe injuries as a result. He was rushed to the hospital, but later died.

Workplace accidents

Depending on the nature of one’s employment on a worksite, the specifics of the accidents and the causes of the accident, there may be multiple options for those hurt at work. The most obvious one is worker’s compensation. Though, that is not the only cause of action that may be available to inured workers and their Alabama families.

Personal injuries and defective products

In this case, the conveyor belt could have been defective. This would mean a defective product lawsuit may be appropriate. But, as we do not know the full details of the accident, there are multiple possible liable parties. As such, as our Birmingham, Alabama, readers can see, a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit may be appropriate for workplace injuries.