Does Alabama have the worst drivers?

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When we think about drivers around the country, we probably all agree that the worst drivers live on the coasts, like the Northeast. However, a website sought to rank each state by their worst drivers, and we actually broke the top 10, not any state in the Northeast.

The methodology

The website, researched databases, like CrashStats and the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, from the National Highway Traffic Safety Association. They used these databases to rank every state’s speeding rates, drunk driving numbers, car accident death rates and failures to obey traffic laws, which were all cumulatively tallied to give each state a rank based on their worst drivers.

Which state has the worst drivers?

The worst drivers are actually from two states: Texas and New Mexico. In Texas, about a third of all fatal motor vehicle accidents involved speeding, and it had the highest percentage of fatal car accidents that involved drivers without a valid license. Finally, it had the highest percentage of alcohol-related fatal accidents, nearly 80%. Similarly, New Mexico had the highest number of careless driving car accident, and it is the most dangerous state for pedestrians with a per capita death rate at nearly 4.

Where does Alabama rank?

Surprisingly, not only did we break the top 10 worst driving states, but also Alabama tied with Hawaii. We scored the worst in careless driving rates. We scored the second worst in per capita death rates in fatal car accidents. We also had an extremely high pedestrian fatality rate of almost 2.5 and an overall death rate of 1.29 per 100 million miles driven. For comparison, Hawaii’s primary issue was speeding where nearly half of all their fatal crashes involved speeding, the highest percentage of any state. And, their pedestrian fatality rate was 2.36.

For our Birmingham, Alabama, readers a key takeaway is that our state has a careless driving issue. If we want to reduce our rates of deaths and accidents, the best thing we can do is be more mindful behind the wheel and avoid distractions.