Here’s how your attorney should prepare your criminal defense

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We’ve all seen our fair share of courtroom dramas on television. If you didn’t know any better, you would expect that a good attorney has to be quick on his or her feet and that the best legal arguments are those that come together at the last minute.

Although a good attorney does need to be able to adapt in court, the truth of the matter is that successful litigation depends a lot upon thorough preparation. That’s why as you look for a criminal defense team that’s right for you, you should understand how they go about preparing your case for negotiations and litigation.

How a criminal case should be prepared

There are a lot of steps involved in preparing a criminal defense, but they should always include each of the following:

  • Careful analysis of all of the facts at hand
  • Review of applicable statutory and case law
  • Requesting the production of documents from relevant sources
  • Subpoenaing witnesses who are favorable to the defense’s position
  • Deposing the prosecution’s witnesses to discover what they know and how they’ll testify
  • Filing pre-trial motions to try to have evidence suppressed or otherwise frame the case in a favorable fashion
  • Develop a negotiation strategy to utilize when prosecutors approach for settlement talks
  • Develop a jury selection strategy
  • Draft questions for witnesses who are expected to testify
  • Prepare testimony with the defense’s witnesses
  • Anticipate cross-examination and prepare to counter the prosecution’s arguments
  • Craft opening statements and closing arguments

These are just some of the steps that your criminal defense attorney should take to prepare your case. Depending on the facts of your case, there may be much more.

Secure the assistance that you need to build a strong criminal defense

If all of that seems daunting, don’t worry. A skilled criminal defense attorney can help you prepare the legal strategy that you need on your side. Hopefully then you won’t have to place all of your hope on someone who is able to craft a zippy argument in the blink of an eye while in court. Instead, you’ll have the well thought out arguments that your attorney can make with confidence.