Digital safety signs may actually pose a threat to driver safety

On Behalf of | May 9, 2022 | Auto Accident Injuries |

Car accidents are so common across the United States that federal, state, and local governments are doing just about everything they can to try to curb serious wrecks. This includes putting up digital signs that inform people of the number of individuals who have been hurt or killed in car accidents within a certain period of time.

The dangers of traffic safety signs

Yet, a recent study has shown that these signs can prove dangerous, too. In fact, according to researchers, those who read these signs are 4.5% more likely to be involved in an accident within 10 kilometers of seeing the sign. This can amount to thousands of additional car crashes and several injuries and deaths. The researchers indicated that this type of in-your-face messaging proves to be distracting for drivers.

How do these signs prove distracting?

There are many ways. One interesting theory proposed by the study’s authors, though, is that the signs produce anxiety, which can cause drivers to overthink, thereby overriding their reflexes. These natural instincts that are being suppressed very well could make the difference between staying safe and being seriously injured in a wreck and causing harm to others. This anxiety theory is supported by the fact that the risk of accident increased as did the number of traffic fatalities that were reported by the digital sign.

Know how to protect yourself

To stay safe out there, you need to be alert and defensive at all times. Yet, even the safest drivers can find themselves taken by surprise and involved in a serious car accident. That’s why even in the aftermath of a wreck you need to do everything you can to protect your interests. This may mean pursuing a personal injury lawsuit so that you can hopefully find accountability and recover the compensation that you need to reclaim your life.