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Facing Drivers’ License Suspension? You Must Request An Administrative Hearing.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) has the right to suspend your right to operate a motor vehicle if you are arrested for DUI and produce a breath result of .08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) or above or refuse to submit to testing.

While a DUI is a criminal matter, the license suspension is an administrative matter that will take effect unless you demand an administrative hearing within 10 days of your DUI arrest. At Simms & Associates, we can help. We frequently assist individuals in Birmingham and throughout Alabama with license suspension hearings.

How Long Will I Lose My License For?

Perhaps the biggest fear people have after a DUI arrest is that they will lose their driving privileges for an extended period of time. The penalties imposed, including loss of license, will depend on several factors. These include the number of prior DUI convictions on your record and your BAC at the time of arrest.

For a first-time DUI, you may lose your driving privileges for up to 90 days. Rather than a suspension, drivers may be able to install an ignition interlock device. Using the interlock device for six months will cancel the 90-day suspension, allowing you to maintain your driving privileges. For subsequent DUI convictions, the license suspension can last for a year, if not longer.

We understand how critical it is for you to stay behind the wheel. We’re here to fight for your rights, your freedom and to mitigate any consequences that may arise from these allegations.

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Keeping your license to drive following a DUI requires a proactive approach from a knowledgeable DUI attorney. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact our attorneys.

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