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Representation for Federal Offenses In Birmingham, Alabama

Federal cases are more challenging to defend, and many Alabama attorneys choose not to practice in federal court. Attorney Derek B. Simms, who founded our firm in 1999, has significant experience in federal court, including large drug conspiracy cases and multi-defendant cases. Lawyer Simms relishes tough federal cases, and he is not afraid to take on big challenges.

At our firm, we defend the rights of our clients with tenacity. Federal cases move quickly, so it is important you retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can give your case the prompt attention it deserves.

We are available 24 hours a day/seven days a week at 205-453-9700.

Aggressive Criminal Federal Defense

Cases in federal court are challenging, because federal prosecutors hand pick cases which are most likely to result in convictions, leaving the remainder of the cases to the jurisdiction of state courts. Due to this strategy, the conviction rate in federal court averages around 85 to 95 percent in some federal districts.

Many of the charges brought in federal court are high-profile drug cases, although the state courts do have jurisdiction as well. If a firearm is used in a drug crime, for example, you may face charges for the drug crime as well as enhancements for possession of a firearm.

When attorney Simms accepts your federal criminal defense case, you can rest assured that he will do everything possible to achieve a favorable outcome. It is important to make good decisions in federal cases. If an attorney tries the case in court and loses, the defendant receives a longer sentence than if he had accepted a plea, thereby accepting responsibility under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. You need sound advice from an experienced attorney who knows when to fight and when to plea bargain.

Count On Attorney Simms’ Federal Defense Experience

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