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Compassionate Legal Guidance Following A Devastating Accident

When you or a loved one suffers severe or even fatal injuries after an accident, it can be emotionally overwhelming to consider taking legal action. However, damages can provide necessary financial relief in an otherwise devastating time. The attorneys at Simms & Associates assist injury victims in Birmingham and throughout Alabama and their loved ones following a catastrophic injury.

Attorney Derek Simms will leverage his background as an insurance claims adjuster to pursue what you are rightfully due and anticipate the strategy of the insurance company. This unique background allows our firm to consistently deliver results when an unexpectedly tragic accident changes the lives of you and your family.

Representation For Alabama Catastrophic Injury Victims

Catastrophic injuries can be the result of a wide array of accidents, including those involving a semitruck, a fall on someone else’s property, medical malpractice and more. Such accidents can cause injuries that are permanent or debilitating.

We represent those who have suffered such severe injuries, including:

  • Loss of a limb or dismemberment
  • Paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Paraplegia or quadriplegia
  • Severe injuries to the neck or spinal cord
  • Burn injuries

Pursuing Damages After The Death Of A Loved One

When an accident causes fatal injuries, we can assist in pursuing a wrongful death claim. We understand the devastation your family is experiencing and work to achieve justice on behalf of your loved one.

Alabama’s wrongful death laws are unique from other states. Only the personal representative — also referred to as the executor — of the estate can file a wrongful death lawsuit. This individual may be designated by the deceased’s will or appointment by the court if they did not name someone within their will.

Do Not Delay. Discuss Your Case With A Lawyer Today.

Time is important in wrongful death claims. The deadline to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Alabama is generally two years.

Discuss your case with us today. Schedule a free initial consultation. Call 205-453-9700 or send us an email.

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