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Personal Injury Case Results

Car Accident

$2 Million Awarded In Case

Marion County Circuit Court — Plaintiff suffered a broken tibia in an auto accident when a drunk driver pulled from private property into the path of the plaintiff. Verdict for the client in the amount of $2 million.

Awarded: $2 million


$1 Million Settlement

Settlement reached at mediation involving an ambulance that ran a red light, striking a passenger vehicle. Attorneys at Simms & Associates located and secured surveillance video from a local business, clearly demonstrating that the ambulance entered the intersection after the light had turned red, causing a massive collision. Airbag control module data confirmed that the plaintiff was driving below the posted speed limit at the time of the collision, eliminating the argument of contributory negligence.

Car Accident

$202,000 Motorcycle Accident

Jefferson County Circuit Court — Birmingham Division — Client fractured her right femur in a motorcycle accident after she collided with another motorcycle. The offending driver had been drinking at a local club. Lawsuit against the club resulted in a judgment of $202,000. Claim against the driver settled pursuant to a confidential settlement agreement.

Awarded: $202,000

Truck Accident

$211,000 Trucking Accident Case

United States District Court — Trucking accident case, settled prior to trial $211,000.

Awarded: $211,000

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